It's my sick obsession

to see you crying out my name

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7 October

About Ruka

Hello, Ruka is here. Geeky, unsophisticated, mentally sick, loser, cheater, failed-fangirl, mentally sick, a devoted InooBu-shiper , but admires HikaNoo as well.

Living a splendid life in hey! say! JUMP and sometimes will have a visit to the neighborhood, KAT-TUN fandom. And currently I'm having so much fun in TVXQ fandom with Jung Yunho as my bias. I do write some fictional things, but mostly of the writings are focused on my bias only.

Below are the communities I currently moderate:


I’d love to have many friends even though sometimes people may think I’m a bit arrogant or such, but seriously I’m a kind-hearted one! *lol* I do sometimes look like a bitch when I get hurt, but will become the tamest puppy if you treat me very well, believe me I give you a pledge of it 8D

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